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Fall In Love With Yourself Snap out of it Clap louder kid That value system's counterfeit With the ballyhoo Stay consistent You don't believe in it? Then lemme assist in your self esteem alley oop (to) Fall in love with yourself Don’t squelch what’s from above and can help You can do anything with the proper support You need a foundation to get to top of the fort If you think someone made it on his own or her own It’s cuz folks don’t often report teamwork that seemed pertinent to the doggerel contortionists You got this Treat confidence like a contagious disease Achoo, I got you to get it now you’re raging like me Why not do your weird thing three times? Play your idiosyncrasies like jazz One life to live son wife you give Trees climb frees minds ease grinds pizazz Fall in love with yourself And only doubt doubt But don’t get me wrong push past the barriers till we all the way out You being you is the grandest payout Just cuz life is hard don’t mean it’s not your playground ABC: ALWAYS BE CONFIDENT For Goddess’s sake, use your common sense Fall in love with yourself Don’t squelch what’s from above and can help You can do anything with the proper support You need a foundation to get to top of the fort You’ve gotta believe You don’t need To get along Don’t concede To go along Don’t you worry You belong You belong You belong
$1M/Bar 02:09
$1M/Bar Hunnid dollas a bar Blood runs red under da scar I drive a mean bargain Money green, color my car Vultures barbecued, slathered in sulfur sauce from a jar make dead meat delicious watch what I do widda garden Thousand dollars a keystroke, million dollars a character Tear down a bar whether measure, cell, drink hole or barrister Trillion dollar a breath Dont ask what’s the budget I define reality while basilisk judge it Such intensity come when you summon the will All you care about is money, you stuck w the bill Smashing pumpkins for real Your jackolantern jagged pattern smile stuck to my billyclub stolen from your underling What would your mother think? Nm she’s unint’resting Hunger linked to wonderful things beyond c-notes We wrote classics so often almost broke the peace code Freeloaders connote monetary value on every attribute Honestly before I call you out — that’s just rude I’ll see you after school and I dont mean office hours Your sauce is sour softest power oddly lofty, You just talk about it stop actin cute I talk so well, it’s actually action and that’s the troot I’ll rip your black and blue billyclub out at its anglo Saxon root Well that’s the report from hell now back to you The whole system is a real estate scheme Land you can’t own you steal to make green Spaces whither. Feel the great scream Held back for eons, heal and day dream My rhyme play Surpasses Steinway More visions than in Flasks a wine cave Writers write At least a line a day Push pause on plush pods Kush cause blushed bods I don’t know what’s worse, American gladiators or perverse clerics that’re fatty haters You’re a bunch of jerks to go to work n send your kids to daddy day care I’m a dusty off-key Dostoyevsky Mind control Binds the soul Find a goal Drop copper in a blind man’s bowl Stop rewind my vinyl whoa Better than ever til my final flow Why others not? I don’t know I’m a goat at rhymes and mo’ Time to go
Denim Denial 01:56
04 CHANGE THE DREAM OF YOUR PEOPLE Change the dream of your people. Human bein’s by nature aren’t evil. Real apex predators’ part of the food chain. Choose-to-change roles. Apex healers soothe pain. Grades are constructs. Age is a number. Covid broke summer break out of its slumber. Change the dream of your people. Pick up a paint brush. Pick up a mic. Stay in touch when pain gush. Unfor, tunately ain't much way we win in a gun war. Conjure space where friends/parents were once sure. Work with the sun’s core. Endure. Young lord, change the dream of your people by what means you can. The system’s inhuman. You know its true plan. Help people see through the money, see through the news stand. Ooo land ownership is not legitimate. You knew that already. Shifted a little bit to stay sane, same time shed innocence. So at one point you say, “How can I be less of a crippled kid?” In my view, we need to act on dual realities: the one that’s the root of the truth; and the one wherein we win game we also know shall cease. IDK who’s built to be both loving and cutthroat. The poet gut wrote stuff lightyears from what squares call mind-body connection. You’d have to be divided inside to make that weak-spined word-group selection. If binaries must be, let’s say artists vs squares. Still a construct but ours works harder than theirs. Armchair quarterbacks horde their stacks. Harness their cares. To be seen, loved and connected to karmic repair. They’re scared of change because they are new to it. So don’t demand change on the face. Change can be fluid. Sometimes it’s all right to give up on adults who worked themselves stupid. Earholes are loopholes to make space with music. Well, here: Happy songs sell records. Sad songs sell beer. Any songs sell nothin. Love songs quell fear. Change the dreams of your people to honor all sentience. Change the dreams of your people in a concert of presence. Change the dreams of your people to connect with wholeness. Connect the dream to one home or respect everyone’s homeless.
Art Heals All Time Art heals all time Time can make wounds fester Y’all feel my rhyme Write yours, feel better Intensity is a gift I would never squander It makes me feel more alive than the bottled up wanderer I can’t hold back This infinite well of spirit I channel lyrics like a rabbit ear antenna on a tv from the mid century box squawkin enemy talk Bye bye black sheep I rise like helium really one with energy shocks My pal said what to do with heart ache I said Art heals all time Pour it out even when it keeps refilling Freewheelin feelin bounce from Brooklyn to Tennessee walks Dancin the Hennessy waltz Friends agree all’s I have’s to be with them That’s joy over happiness A supply of lifelong dependency dogs I love you all Call and response Mistakes are? (Good) Mistakes are? (Good) Mistakes are? (Great) Mistakes are? (Amazing) Art heals all time Time can make wounds fester Y’all feel my rhymes? Write yours, feel better Mistakes are?


recorded 2020-21


released February 1, 2022

produced, mixed, and all instruments by Jordan Katz,
(click each song title for additional players and mixes)

lyrics and vocals by Barman
additional lyrics and vocals by Eric Kufs on *Fall In Love With Yourself*

mastered by Memory Man

Special thanks to Grotto, Plaquesnor, Haught Lava, and our mothers for cover


all rights reserved



MC Paul Barman New York, New York

rest assured, the crested bird of nested words

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