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Grey Cardinal / Math with MC Moe Money

by Cuccia + Barman

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GREY CARDINAL 031420 - 040720 V1 Chaos was always the goal These day old bread brains are insane in the soul When the world’s out of control... im gaining control you can hate on me while you wait in the cold The gray card and I'll just need a moment for y'all to take your eye off the ball For a cuckoo to Kick it and your seed fly off the wall The future whizzes by and dies from the fall Other guys saw, expressed surprised and gall While reaction speed matched human babies learning to crawl They pride themselves on birdseye view that rise from the floor but their survival instincts make them the size ofHow I look at the horizon above the tides in the squall I'm a headhunter, match a cuckoo client to correct egg color I’m outdoorsy. Like Jack Dorsey Moment mom go on a break, We switch eggs, she come back to lay and curl her legs under What's that splattered the egg on the ground? Not hers she hopes Besides she's here to stay with her egg held close On the day it hatches finally to her dismay it hits notes She don't recognize and surprise the cuckoo came back to slap her out her nest I'm the gray cardinal and I do what I do best I'm the one who caused a fog when her egg first flew from home I'm the one who caused consternation only by neighbors who saw her also thrown Make no skull and bones about it eminent domain exists in nature And just cause you see say or hate the game don't make you a major player Chorus I'm the grey cardinal In an arbor full of birds eye view Where one who fade from view, hardest to kill Grey cardinal Play number two to da cuckoo Whose new eggs look like yours do So we pull switcheroo When ours hatch (natch) we don’t need you no more join your last ones, a rotten egg on forest floor V2 I fixed the riddle while you mixed up little chicks sit around and fiddle with your dicks I even take credit when your effort to solve problems exposes rippled risks I studied all the greats and create cripples with real politics I got unpublished books of simple tricks These chicken shits Fall for anything What they do Insufficient Hit upside the head w instant limits They can sniff Eucalyptus Witness brutal incision thru Nuchal liquids We eliminated crucial clinics Don't misconstrue your bride eye view for noodle thickness It's too ridiculous Blow your house in like you were piglets The calm is coming from inside the house From inside your skin An inch wide, vamos
081413 1 My student's got issues with remedial math! He said it don't apply to real life but he don't know the half! Arithmetic separates the wheat from the chaff. If you dream of being a star, don't let the label's staff have the last laugh! 2 MC Moe Money likes that beat by DJ Bacteria! It's fast: 120 beats per minute or nearly huh! Dang! That track really is wreckin! I wonder: How many is it in beats per second? 3 MC Moe Money says, "DJ Bacteria, will you slow it by fifty percent?" DJ Bacteria says, "OK, but only if you calculate that in bpm's!" 4 MC Moe Money has three mixtapes plus one LP. The mixtape’s got 20 tracks, the LP got 10. Help me: How many songs total does MC Moe Money have? Can you express that in a bar graph? 5 If Moe Money sells tapes for $5 each, he’ll sell over 100 per year -- platinum status in reach! But if he gives them away free for download he’ll book 10 shows at $50 per show. So? Teach! Which way should Moe Money go? (Appendix: Gross vs Net. Gross profits are total incomes but most expenses shrink sums. Examples? Production and postage just drink funds. So the costs of creation take away from what you get. What’s left after investment and taxes is called your Net.) 6 To tour, MC Moe must spend $200 for a rental car, $50 for gas, $0 for the mental scar, $75 for a smelly motel. *NOW* which makes Moe money? Show, tell! 7 Booking agents raise MC Moe’s gig gross. Lucky feller, Moe’s “in talks” with Agents Yeller and Cujo. Booking Agent Cujo promises $225 per show. His commission is 15% (for free he’ll be your best friend). Agent Yeller will secure $250 per performance. His commission is 25% (“Fill out this here form, friends!”). Who did you catch a vibe with? Who will pay Moe? Don’t forget, rehearse befoe yo’ show! 8 MC Moe Money chooses a digital aggregator to distribute his music through online retailers. Gooncore charges $1/track and $10/LP. DVD Baby charges a flat $50 annual fee. Which should Moe choose? Which does he need? 9 MC Moe Money books a gig at The Equestrian! The guarantee is $125. His agent collects from them 55%. Tickets cost $5 to scoop. How many tickets must the venue sell to recoup? 10 After The Equestrian sells enough to recoup Moe’s guarantee, Moe Many makes half of each ticket sold. It adds to his fee. The Equestrian space is 350 people at full capacity. How much will Moe make if 50 folks pay to party? 100 people? Full capacity? The point at which an artist gets paid by tickets is called the split point. It helps to draw crowds when you’ve got a hit joint. 11 MC Moe Money hopes to fill venues to capacity so he works to put on a show everyone has to see. A mainstream, regional or internet hit generates promo but Moe Mo’ don’t have one yet so his crowd is grown slow. He hand-draws flyers and posters, passes out for his own show. The hard work pays off! Journalists and artists in the front row. 55 tickets sold at box office. Words shower pure power! Moe spent 60 hours in prep. What did he earn off this per hour? 12 Wyclef Tron earned $30K in 1990, $25K in 1991, $33K in 1992, $40K in 1995, $3M in 1996, $9M in 1997, $30M in 1996, $9M in 1997, $30M in 1998, and $300K from 2000 - 2010. Phew! You deserve time-and-a-half! Please plot Wyclef’s earnings on a line graph. Place $ on y-axis, time on x-axis. The flow of the dough tells what next facts is.


released March 5, 2021

produced by Anthony Cuccia
cover with National Waste Comics


all rights reserved



MC Paul Barman New York, New York

rest assured, the crested bird of nested words

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