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Full Buck Moon Kaboom

by MC Paul Barman + Memory Man

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RADIATION (Patti LaBelle!) Cell towers have hell powers People press phone to face for twelve hours Disconnect your landline, you stepped on a landmine Your ear canal is shaped like an & Get a handsfree headset now if not sooner before you sprout out a brain tumor named Junior We're psychoslaves to microwaves Get scalped just like a brave High doses transmit videos It's undisclosed and a lot that's unknown If you not got a phone, you're still caught in a cone So lift up your head and mark the speed that they spread They're on rooftops between three and six stories Older manuals issued more warnings Before the war we took out telecoms and cell towers appeared the very next morning Guess what Plenty dudes keep their cells by their nuts so text message costs ten cents plus less men in their stuff Tower placement takes municipal bribes kills pacemakers inside So as these waves bounce down your ears You're gonna hear more bout this in the next couple of years Depleted Uranium a byproduct from weapons and reactors compact and aerosolize on impact Windblown brimstone makes gulf war syndrome Veterans get no medicine, effect set since been home Cancer, stillbirths and blood in the tissue G.I. Joe stands for Government Issue A black man's no place in a white man's war nor a white man when that white man's poor Better whipped than equipped with armor piercing rounds that disperse when they hit Micron-type bombs switched from Nagasaki to Iraq we still kill with atoms but without the fission So what's the definition of a nuclear war? Mushroom clouds over cities? Or nuclei changed from what they were before? I think we let other people dictate our fears We're gonna hear more bout this in the next couple of years
SAMPLING LAW intellectual property don't mean you can't copy me just that you'd be sued by he who'd own the monopoly the law is the rich man's rifle let the vulgar control culture and your life'll stifle stop lyin--samplin was played and done until Brian dropped the Grey Album hiphop brings back rebellion and if we did not, people could've forgot gimme a break the biggest thief is the government (i'm) all alone naturally like gilbert o sullivan license a fragment, lawyers get back-end that should build the bands' labs land grab like a sandcrab there's no denying it media became our natural environment otherwise why are they advertising shit on floors of stores, stickers on fruit, songs, movies, even street interactions corporations want it both ways it's either natural environment or illegal harrassment now everybody's self-spun avatar always available an image to sell from "Television is a medium because it is neither rare nor well-done." rappers with deals clear better samples than kiehls but if he don't make it his that's when he steals we manipulate tracks like chuck schumer'll do with his letter w and numeral 2 the rumors are true humorous jews call suicide bombers 'baby kaboomers'. Fair use is a gate, if copywrite is a fence he who frames the debates holds greatest influence fair use is sweet like pear juice it has to be a parody to lawfully have valid re ason and contain a critique or you'll get sued till next week appropriated work is the target don't be a hard head sampling law it's what the fans is clamoring faw appropriate in good faith recreate like a wood lathe get spins infringe on copywrite might not be right select a fragment or get burned by a fag-end you went the wrong route you played the song out media will be ya natural environment till i'm a grampling pa and that's my first draft rhyme about SAMPLING LAW
A mass of Latin words falls on facts like soft snow, blurs outlines, covers details, to make true what's not so. The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. Beware of thee scholars who use jargon and not clarity. George Orwell names names, thinks language is on the brink due to dictatorships, later quips: A gap between one's real and declared aims turns one to long words like cuttlefish spurt inks. When one admits that nothing's certain one must also discover that some things are much more nearly certain than others. It is much more nearly certain that we're here tonight -for example- than that this or that political party is right. Certainly there are degrees of certainty, or else one's landed in barren skepticism worthlessly. -Bertrand Russell from "Am I An Atheist Or An Agnostic?" a man whose urban hustle was professor of logic On SNL, Ashlee Simpson appeared with Jude Law but when she tried a new song, her back track cued wrong If she'd gone with it, she'd have turned false to a real way but the press that built her up had a field day. I think if a show has enough spectacle then pre recorded vocals are permissible. Then the show's not about the power of the singer, but the sets, cool effects, sight gags she brings with her. in these kinds of shows the singer can be replaced- a modular part, like a technician, dancer or face. This need not be bad, from a standpoint that's visual the person can be chosen for talents dancing and physical. A dark Goth pop spectacle works best with a pale, dark haired waif, who moves in an ethereal manner- a buxom earth mother cast in this role would fail and simply spoil the visual grammar. But Ashlee's handlers don't revel in fakes they strive for a pseudo-punk, emoter fronting her mates. A manufactured manicured real so when curtain is pulled aside and the fakery revealed there is embarrassment instead of pride. so says david byrne inside his tour diary contemplating real tho he's known for irony
OIL Control CFCs or ignore tomorrow’s problems and the rich will join the poor or starvin’. Whether you toil in the soil or you’re royal’s the same thing. “I love this crowd! Is this an audience or oil painting?” Grief has four sections: Denial, Anger, Depression and Acceptance. Science Guise’ll diagnose we’re headed for the second. So chew on that and masticate. Procrastinate makes what should go first go last and wait. Whether oil peaks in 1960 or 2040 is weeks by cosmic standards. Autos transferred from horses and’ll go back when oil depletes. Antiques are scared stiff. “The edge of a plateau looks a lot like a cliff.” Hindsight’s 20/20. Finite can be many. It took a century to drain the oil but there’s other fossil fuels. CH4 has the smallest molecules. Act now and change is still possible! Millions of years ago, before land was man-owned, plankton sank in to porous sandstone. Inside the sediment, it changed to other elements as layers settled in. Top rock is called the cap. Oil and gas got trapped. Now businessmen search for new veins to tap. When wells slow down, oil’s cut with water. UV from the sun makes the greenhouse hotter. Infrared wavelengths from the ground, too long to pass through glass, get trapped inside. In the same way, Earth gets over-hot from gas. Whales, coal and timber burnt for tinder. Global warming makes a colder winter. Chernobyl warning didn’t hinder. Nuclear may be cleaner than coal cinders as a whole but neither is ideal so slow your roll! You can’t love the first and hate the latter. There’s always an effect when you change a state of matter. We took the gas out the grounds and put it in the skies. The morass compounds as China industrializes. Demands can’t, and never again, will meet supplies. Carbon forms as branched chains, straight chains and closed rings. Two families: Alkanes and Alkenes. As the structure varies, so does its production of things. iPods, swings, fork and knife at the chip shop. It’s hip-hop like Crip talk to wash out that Ziplock! World War 2 was more than just gypsy or Jew. The US, an economilitary giant, grew. Clinton undermined the Kyoto Treaty but W withdrew. In Kyoto, Japan, they devised a plan to go low on co-two emissions, rather than a ban. Tough systems would measure with computers but if the world’s worst polluters won’t sign, then that treaty’s neuter. OPEC holds back, it is viewed, for kopeks, so next Iraq got jacked for its crude. 150 billion barrels. Arab apparel’s a ‘kaffiyeh,’ not a ‘towel.’ After 1,2, or 3 wars, oil will still be a nonrenewable resource. Now we pay for our follies. Car corp.s took out hemp and trollies. It’s a fix, both politics and getting out jollies. Who predicts the new immigration when sky inflicts fire and desertification, famine and flood, islands go glug, and malaria spreads to new areas from bugs? We survive guided by stars. Not enough to drive hybrid cars. Respect arrives for this hide of ours. Back on the range, attraction’ll change. Shaved arm, waxed back, is bad for survival. A strong women’ll keep you alive a lot longer. Leave behind what’s too heavy, tv, torah or a bible. Tribes’ll form from themselves. No resources for photovoltaic cells. Too late for remorse that Natives can no longer help. All things go in a circle. We work all day to pay what you burgle. Yesterday is history, twist a tree and listen to Mr. B!
1-2 Yo, is this supposed to be some sort of national holiday or something? What do you say on that horrible anniversary? You can't be sad, it's just like another day The lunar calendar's more accurate anyway Check it out Happy September eleven Remember the dismembered in heaven Betrayers hit paydirt when they portray the patriot as traitor They cater to a denominator so uncommonly low they don't even notice the economy slow They eat genocide and fart brown brimstone People who're still smiling got Down syndrome With Pepé Le Pew at least the flowers regrew Where Bush walks trees fall, I thought you knew The man of the house handed his spouse and sons land in Canada so put cash on the list Nationalists are just euphemized racists and should be tried by a jury of euthanized rapists But the Nuremberg trial's a burden we haven't heard from in a while The twenty dollar bill's just subliminal denial That Andrew Jackson's a war criminal-o-phile Pro-choice is pro-life unlike those pro-death low-life poachers Support our soldiers by bringing them homewards So happy September eleventh Remember the dismembered in heaven From space's perspective every day's a new moon Viewing tomorrow's date as random tomorrow wouldn't be too soon "HapSeptLeven," said the reverend "They fell down to the ground and then they fell up to heaven And not one went to hell, cause they were just victims The system tricked 'em into selling insurance, currency trading, and prison procurance" So happy September eleven Remember the dismembered in heaven The coalition of the willing kept the tradition of the shilling Refused the Euro, crude oil makes a killing both literal and figurative. Dig you're adrift and couch surf Ouch, it hurts to live without turf Can't rep a physical spot, love music a lot What else the size of a tape can fill up a park? Depleted uranium, a/k/a DU, soon a household word A cash cow's gold egg layin' bird don't hatch gold chicks to the cold world Something's missin' from Christendom They never listen. Dumb missionaries positioned in a giant stew pot. It's too hot But what they deserve, you got Settle back. Now isn't that the true god calling the kettle black Trying to see heaven in a metal jet pack Head crack on the glass ceiling forcefield Spit joints hit split points for grass-wielding, ass feeling door deals Yield the floor to the minority whip If he's rich, white and old, he's sure to be hip Vote tally 43 - zip 57 abstained or didn't show and expect you to vote or give 'em dough So happy September eleven Remember the dismembered in heaven
48 Laws of Power (1-24) I been in the game for years it made me an animole from honor role on a roll to just pawn to go on the whole not a fan of the scam since the sonogram then Monihan said, man, you gotta scan the 48 laws of power may cause deflowerin of your innocence, in a sense teach how to devour 1 never outshine the master even if cleverer or faster you'll never get too far if you reveal the true star you are because it must offend a hierarchy's discrepencies 2 never put too much trust in friends learn how to use enemies or spawn your mate's yawnin jaws of ingratitude. thata dude! 48 laws and platitudes! envy, ire and friendly fire hire the enemy my music makes ten 'a me 3 conceal your intentions if they've no clue what you're up to can't throw a wrench in the engine guide them down the wrong path make them do the long math 4 always say less than necessary what you express can bury. spare the anecdote and a quote or risk a stigma stay an enigma quiet as kept 5 rep rep reputation is power's cornerstone condone scorn and mourn alone you're born a clone 6 so court attention at all cost if people don't talk smack then you're a small boss fall across the limelight and even when i'm wrong i'm right why fight? 7 let others work for you and take the credit don't forget, you're the big dick he's just the head of the clit 8 Get it the same as the W and Let the game come to you Use bait. Get a new fate before it's too late. 9 Who's next?: Khrushchev denounced Stalin's atrocities before hundreds of men. "You were a colleague of Stalin's. Why didn't you stop him then?" "WHO SAID THAT?...........................................Now you know why..." a breath battle's a death rattle words are weak, cause ill will results speak, instill skill step off the seesaw let the man free fall this is not what they teach in prelaw 10 avoid the sad sack with bad luck he carries a high risk virus that stuck hang with the fortunate go towards the light with the torch in it 11 keep people dependent to extend an ended friendship 12 honesty works as an impassioned distraction it's a blunt tool like the sheath the scalpel is wrapped in stow your force use a trojan horse to open doors 13 appeal to a need to implement a deed mutual benefit's different from greed begging for mercy will just make him thirsty and gratitude is an attitude leaders love to be freed from 14 pose as a friend, work as a spy he disclose what he knows, the surface a lie ask indirect questions to collect their intentions. Arthur Schoepenhaur authored art for open power: if you think you're being deceived, act as if you believe this will give the speaker courage to continue and betray what's up his sleeve. if you perceive he only halfway conceals, express doubt. the man will reveal his reserve and let the truth out 15 crush your enemy totally mush him like roadkill. he won't be able to heal and avenge the violated he'll only stay silent if he's iron-plated annihilated 16 absence makes the heart grow fonder overstayed your welcome, go yonder no sponsor? 17 create value through scarcity when you remove a product, it is rarer than it appears to be 18 Bobby Fischer acted spazzily with Boris Spasky and served his ass for free. that's the key. put the psych in cyclone like i hype my mic-phone isolation is nothing to write home about you can't avoid pain. conspiracies spring up like mushrooms after rain 19 Don't let your enemy engender energy entropy if he can't take pokin fun that's a smokin gun to break out in a broken run from town. clown an insecure man and he'll hunt you down and some are too blunt to come around 20 Never commit to anyone 21 to make your mark feel smart, act plenty dumb. if you're a Doogie Howser, play a broody bouncer. 22 if you can't win, surrender that don't make you a coward. the 48 laws of power sours naivete that'll be the day you learn to devour 23 the spread thin can't win and move in a lead skin mom who can afford one son eats medicine to make a dead twin concentrate your forces to the head of a pin 24 use the flattering scam like a battering ram do dirt, make an effort to be flirtier be the perfect courtier a little birdy heard many more when we score another 24 where there's riches there's robbery n follow the scriptures of Robert Greene you'll be seen and make a lotta green or pose as a non-player and pour water through a screen. while you read the menu, we feed on sinew. 25-48, to be continued
Parents. Teachers. Groundskeepers. Guests. Correctional Officers. Fellow parolees. What shall we do when we have our own kids? Give them twelve year bids after the bars come off the cribs? Work within the system? Make them listen to the darkest lecture in the architecture of a prison full of purity-scarred security guards? It’s sure to be hard. Recess! Rush hurriedly to the yard. Back-to-school nights are visitation rights and boredom is the warden. They’d be less ignored in private schools but can you afford them? Even then they’re fair to middling. They fiddled with inmates’ diddles and now they’ve got the Ritalin. A.D.D.: Another Dumb Doctor’s complicity. I’m about to Sub. Stitute teach? No, T.R.A.C.T. So when the states fail and they can’t make bail, we’ll hold a jailbreak fake bake sale. Slow on the uptake? Well, below in this cupcake, there’s a file a mile wide with St. Assisi’s SATs and a reviled style guide. Current Events. Comparison/Contrast. Cause and Effect. Embarrassing bombast. Five Paragraphs each get a topic sentence or “hook” for pop ascendance. So much plop, of course people stop attendance. This court loves to drop defendants. Allow me to leave an illusion dispelled. 98% of the graduates matriculate because it doesn’t count the kids expelled. We could rehabeducate with art but we ain’t got paints. You can take your budgetary constraints and fudge it up your hairy taints. That means you, Principal Asswipe. You were worse for class than sass or grass in a glass pipe. This isn’t hyperbole. It’s reality verbally. And we don’t want weekends. We need every day between. If you might die when you’re twenty, then you’re old when you’re fifteen. I know! I’ll reopen the Black Mountain School and bring back to us the abacus as a counting tool. Y’all know what time it is. This is my Bauhaus. We run around when it’s nice out and nobody kowtows.
RZAVIEW (Rza, pronounced riz'-uh, is a composer for film and TV. He began as a rapper. His career had a growth spurt. From flowed words to producer, Wu-Tang Clan founder and father, Rza is also an actor and author.) We met in New York after he drove his kids to the airport. He held court in his hotel room, exhausted, a rare good sport. "I'm a composer," Rza rose his voice. Knows the choice. Stay in hip-hop ghetto or let go of noise. "Stand still and stagnate in a bad state." Weakness is revealed by brags, hate. Rza's first soundtrack was for Jarmusch's "Ghost Dog". Perhaps Rza at his most prog. Created a sound. Elated, he'd found "Peter and the Wolf" by Sergei Prokofiev. Assign instrument to each character–borrowed the concept. As long as you move, you can't make a wrong step. Needle-dropped "Kill Bill", stood behind cameraguy. Scored whole range, Soul Plane, Unleashed, Afro Samurai. Working off animatics was a challenge for Abbot. Music has movement while drawings are static. "Fifty piece orchestra can be $250 G's a week." That's more than treats from Miss Freek-a-leek. "So I got my digital orchestra. Over forty keyboards recording free chords. Sessioners' pay may not be restored. Rza is talkative. Keyboard reps all octaves. Mancini's sample scores have a lot to give. Early eighties -- flashback to Times Square. He and Ol Dirty Bastard stood in line there to see triple-bill Chinese crime fare. Blown away by discipline and ferocity. Walked away with new styles and philosophy. Sparred raps with each other, practicing constantly. It was ODB, Ghostface, Raekwon, Deck, Rza, Masta Killa, U-God, and Genius AKA Gza (jiz'-uh). Rza based his urban young crew on verbal kung fu though they sold crack on the curb and toted guns too. Quoted Sun Tzu, "Strike at their gaps. Attack when they're lax. Never let the enemy figure out how to act." Rza became Abbot. Stat Isle became Shaolin. Crew renamed Wu-Tang. New plans empowerin. Come strong as a group then sign solo with dif labels. Spend money on mansions, not just on cables. Talking darts, rocking parties, won flock of hearts like Calista. Edutainment from KRS-1. KRS came from KRiShna. Finish the mishna. http://www.wutang-corp.com/news/article.php?id=356 rza forsaken like bacon had to take ten from classic records made in the basement Around 2000 Rza visited the real Shaolin Mountain with Sifu Shi Yan-Ming who teach what chi and Chan* can bring. They met the real Wudan abbot. Saw General Wu as black Asiatic. An American saw snake and terrapin/turtle in Temple of Purple Cloud, from which Zhen Wu hurtled out, higher in sky than the seraphim. The case that god is a human ain't new to a true fan. He changed lots of lives when he stotted the Wu Clan. Which came first? The chicken or egg? Man made god. Ain't that a kick in the head? He got sticked and he bled. Rza said, "Jesus said, 'Take me off the pedESTal and polish your vessel.'" What makes you different is what makes you special. "What have you achieved that din't begin as a vision?" "Good question," he said. "Some of my children." He now writes "Wu-Tang Manual Volume 2: The Wisdom." First chapter, "Universal Changer," he wrote as "lonely" teenager By "lonely" I think he meant prison. From psycho slums to microphones to Triton taiko drums, Rza has risen. (Tomorrow's not a given. Make each moment count. Over and out. Thanks for listenin ta Talkin Journalism.) *Zen Buddhism
UAofWA (Unauthorized Audiobiography of Weird Al) Acknowledgements: All the gents who make life worth living in this indigent hollow accomplishment. Dedicated to the decimated childhoods made renovated. Oct. 23, 1959 born best selling recording humorist of all times to first generation Americans who'd already got hang of it Alfred Matthew Yankovic Lynwood High School valedictorian recorded in the bathroom and played accordion Under humor rubric Dr Demento debuted it aka Barry Hansen who knew a thingertwo bout music He liked to write poems to Spike Jones Pressed up his own records and biked home Trained in architecture Hired same directors rebuilt sets fer classic videos-- often his were better On the daily Hawaiian shirts and vans On stage, fat suits and monster band hurt the fans Killed em, sold out world tours filled with children A symbol for freedom like Zildjian and Sabians which his drummer uses loses his glasses with LASer In Situ Keratomileusis He cancelled interviews but still rolled through when his folks died from no O2 and a closed flu i bought his tapes the days they came out He stays humble with fame and never claims clout Sometimes satire falls flat like a flat tire but false seriousness can also backfire It's an act of balance many talents lacks Check out his originals, like half his album tracks with no curses. This verse has come to an end Back in the days I was a "close personal friend" Appendix: Discography: Weird Al Yankovic, Weird Al in 3D, Dare to be Stupid, Polka Party, Even Worse, UHF, Off the Deep End, Bad Hair Day, Running With Scissors, and Poodle Hat. He lives with his wife and daughter where his cockatiel and poodle's at We're through with that Next audiobiography: Buckminster Fuller
End of the Ice Age Some nerve From the slum then serve scum Swerve into my bait and switch Weight and pitch Skate off the plate The state gets rich Badaboom badabling- bang Forgot about that yin yang thing thang It’s the end of the ice age Here’s some sage advice You forebears’ warfare can’t afford the twelve gauge to wave around and threaten with They’re gettin dissed and choppin fists in Sierra Leone The mountain of lions Recountin the times when Compressed carbon shot up Kimberlites a fountain of diamonds for your million dollar wonderbra ironic readymade Take a lick and taste the iron maiden machete blade Get thee to a nunnery Don’t give son a rea- Son to run you out the country to Hungary Eastern bloc Budapest If beats could talk This one say, ‘You da best’ What? You’re embarrassed? Flash your pearly whites It’s gonna be an early night You wanna hit the hay But I got shit to say You travel the world You’re supposed to be worldly, right? The editor in chief Is a predator and thief So it’s not in his interest to settle the beef We save strength by sharing a wavelength Diamond’s derived from ‘adamas’ Like adamantium in Wolverine And is just one phase of pressurized carbon Like buckminsterfullerene and graphite that writes gems That can never be stolen While diamonds are jewels to which kings are beholden Yet the difference between em’s just an elecron’s alchemy I watched Tower Two fall from a window My Dad watched from his balcony A year later I was rhymin bout diamonds And two months after that I was shocked by the timin Y’see big bro demanded a ring that had been secretly locked up for the woman he’d knocked up I guess he wanted to pay for the milk in her bra cup Carrier pigeons were carrion birds No ring a barrier to marryin words There’s not a hindi that’s living This kind of Indian giving Give back the ring from mom’s wedding? You’ve got to be kidding Debeers is just as it appears A shadowy entity that never clears Less than to the nth degree With iman as their spokesmodel Reppin for her folk that’s broke like a Coke bottle Free enterprise is lies once it’s centralized Call off the battaleons for the galley of galleons Stallions deserve to be forcefed The horsehead whose blood courses through your bed you’re weak like no power steering Roy Cohens assist the Keyfauver hearing At home Boyzones in flower earrings I’m no authority but you raise your kids horribly So which is it? Carat or cut? You ground down that stone to a nub and for what? Why not mount it in its natural asymmetry? How is it better by prismatic geometry? Devalue the ballyhoo of rocks and lunchboxes I’ve a hunch you’d join country clubs to hunt foxes Diamonds are a dime a dozen Compared to the crime against Moslems Art and artifacts gone that prove we’re all cousins And if I had my druthers, cousins be called brothers Like we did back when our leaders were mothers
Death row C.O. said, "Let's go" My sou'll get dough in escrow Last supper? I'll have what Christ had Write kites to my seeds of advice like a nice dad Whites worth twice the lice on a rice pad Funny what guarantees people's protection Would I prefer gas chamber or lethal injection? Go kiss the nuts right beneath his erection Spare me Ya buggin like Mary Mary S'is state execution or harikari coo-coo seppuku? Should I dance maybe down the hall in a tutu? File say I got the IQ of stew. Shrug off a handler like shoulders got antlers Outfoxed, more oxes than cattle ranchers Boogedeh boogedeh This beat is meshugenah Don't know? Look it up like a court-ordered attorney Strapped in a gurney Squirming but shackles hold me back firmly Cuffed in the stall Got nothin nice to say, say nothin at all Sodium Pentathol's a sedative I may look asleep yet the dead'll still live IV flushed with saline then paralyzing agent ensures breathing and muscle failing IV flushed again then Potassium Chloride Welcome to hell. I'll be your tour guide Last thought as my lungs fill with blood: Life begins at the moment you're loved.


released September 1, 2008


all rights reserved



MC Paul Barman New York, New York

rest assured, the crested bird of nested words

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