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Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud

by MC Paul Barman

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PROPS Now this I been lookin forward to Collectin props that's a bit overdue I came to collect props like a property tax from all you hate-to-laugh novelty acts Your SUV's never been off terrain Your hikin boots only hike on the train Your runnin shoes I've never seen runnin You hate fags but collect shoes like a woman Leave your garbage outside Today's props collection That means all your rap's-not-hip-hop preconceptions All that shit you memorized is irrelevant There's a hundred and ten plus four more elements While you try to sound all hip-hoppy I inspire the leaders you copy You're boring and much too braggadocious Assemble a joint out of a whole bag of roaches The articulate answer to my grammar is, "DAMN" So check yourself -- testicular cancer exam I'll irk you if I work blue or work squeaky clean I'm Good Will Humping PG-13 (underrated) and I'll never stop. Inner starlight is endless So next time you leave me off your top ten list remember only the bravest DJ will request my drops I came to collect my props PROPS I came to collect as my dustpan collects dust I came to collect like a rich kid on a trust I came to collect like that poor kid on Welfare Came to collect like a politician off healthcare Came to collect like I put a bucket under a leak Came to collect like crowds collect when I speak Calling collect direct rather than roundabout Before I spell it out for you, sound it out I haven't even barely started You, like this track, are mentally guitarded I'm more slept on than beds and I'm collectin props now I'm sure to get when I'm dead I'll son your moms and correct your pops I came to collect my props PROPS Came to collect propers like doctors collected Big Bopper's body parts from a chopper
GO SANE Whoever dare to follow eats humble pie with merde gelatto Nowadays you can buy a Rothko at a Costco News is entertainment even if it's gloom and doom Customers create by mixing up what they consume--like a dj Lichtenstein picked the time to hang up comics books on Broome--and Broadway The marketplace lies at the crossroads Ads are better products, cost more than the show After maximal fragmentation it's natural to converge Church and state merch is hate that's why they should never merge I advocate for abstinence when it comes to cocaine Brand is recognized by color scheme even with no name In a crazy world it's difficult to go sane GO SANE Hurt's no worse than the curse of habit's that don't work or to burst onstage completely unrehearsed These basement tapes are a savin grace from chasin papes Ass-fucked wit brass knucks If you pluck my last buck, pickpocket, I'll rip ya balls out ya dick socket and combination lock your lips for shit talkin My rhymes stick around like a cold sore How come Mead don't make unruled notebooks no more? I don't like the Russell one cover the color of bubblegum plus the binding always come undone I'm so NY, i changed my # to 311 Try starvin and you'll prefer eating by a wide margin MC Paul Barman presents a tempting fall bargain: more knowledge in one song than then next man's whole album Fluffers drool gladly Suffer fools badly It's hard to pardon a fool Comin fresh like shesh besh that's the cardinal rule Fake purist is an undertaker Thinks he's an operator My wife had to explain that If we were all innovators the system would stop and quit but the system's a phallacy Reality's duality, my theory of opposites Biz Markie clowned around, was really in charge Jay-Z comes Joe Shmo, google plex extra large Clinton dodged questions, watch lies bounce past the gates Bush spits opposites, shits smacks in the face SMACK You swear you'll never bitch like your grandmom but an opposite pole defines the plane that you stand on So how to create identity you're proud of? All those threats just beg for loud love The hitman's a chump, his boss keeps the riches Gunguy takes risk, first to sleep with the fishes KERPLUNK Doublepump's only power for gutterpunks It's harder to run the factory for Puffalumps New kid on the block glock locked by Euclid hook it up and if you don't know, look it up---stupid
HAIRY MOTH OWL Say ho if you're a rasta al fredo And make dreads in your head from eggs, peanut butter or play-doh Holler back if you love dollar rack Cause vacuum packed all are wack Break bones, take breath and cope Press flesh like stethoscope At wake thrown for death of hope You asked fr'it Spit classic in casket Flask hit myelin sheath Hope woke, NOTE the smiling teeth Cured the born But mourners preferred to mourn Twisted by murder porn-- word to warn Your fears are destined to manifest whether you coast or plan the best Amythest amulets, I am obsessed Let your camera rest and have unmediated experience for once You search for your voice cuz you don't hear what you say If you need to do somethin then do it today Jewels spray out my eyes n my hands Front row faints They're surprised in the stands Gems fly out of the sand and Rainboa Constrictor can spy where they land Achievement depends on the size of the plan Mines is limited to the frogs that ribbitted Timid as the guys in the band Too original to be pigeonholed A wisened old man Put one fist in the air Like you're punchin a mobile No ceiling to your feeling Can't see yet so real The pedals are mental Envision the bike path Your psyche is Nike You likey my mic math Your passion is action Can't latch on silicone Kill a clone, imagine If cut, spill a poem There's hope for the future Suture cauterize Bought lie, eyes water Daughter dies But I came to resurrect Not like she never left But with newfound respect For the presence of her essence You choose to reflect Circumspect people tread lightly When they travel they sightsee Make yourself known No one was exempt When he said what he meant Only copy the spirit in which to invent give up givin up for lent just cause you fear a jewel don't make you unspiritual here at school we know that denial tho a viral spiral is part of survival I will write the new new new new new new new bible Eyeball measurement guestimate destined fate What you expect? Me not to expectorate? My soul's all of space Each rime is a cloudburst Move crowd first physically Those who disagree wowed worst Purists said OW Moth Owl bowed to the earths
THE MOON Masta Ace: By the light of the silvery, you'll be dead like chivalry if you don't watch your back while making that delivery 'cause the cat with the fiddle got a band of thieves and if he run up in your spot, you should plan to leave You know the cow? He got jumped and stabbed in the udder lost two quarts of milk and they grabbed the butter They bagged it up and brought it all to me that night and the little dog laughed just to see that sight He was amused by the fact that these dudes paying dues and if you don't follow my rules, you gone lose The dish and the spoon got till the end of June to pay me what they owe me or they gone meet they doom Who'm I? I be the man in the moon. And when I walk in, everybody stand in the room Got dough? Be careful when you pull some out 'cause it gets wild and dangerous when the wolves come out YUP MCPB: NOPE Tearful child's a stranger's kid. Full moon's out Snout in air, shoutin despair at Big Whack mushroom cloud Deep impact crater now keep you intact in fact stabler later. Peep how moon's a person new to family, anomaly to universe You grew up first Who knows why La Luna works its equilibrium Unique will will be done Four people, still we one with plant and tree Family built to tilt to the sun Hole up! Know what, get in the Torus for a field trip Real quick, Mom and son both heal rips Roll up to the Metaphorest Doughnut picnic set before us Felix, orb is ellipse Glowin. Shinin. Setting behind old pine Wet wing drying on rose vine clothesline Let's seek a lost tree-mosque kiosk hollow Go climb, I'll follow Del: Showtime at the Apollo In 1969, to Buzz, I was the model Dry and cold yet you studied my surface but it's worthless My atmosphere is not the same as Earth's is First get it right I'm not a star I'm a satellite Ain't no atmosphere You wouldn't last a night Ain't no rappers here You got sacrificed and you can't hide 'cause it's dark in the daytime 238,900 miles from Earth so you could just try to come get me from the lunar perigee but the apogee is gonna be more than a few laps for me The axis be approximately 27 days and about 8 hours so start steppin No matter where you go I'ma face you I got you on my clock There's no escape foo' I'M THE MOON La Luna Glowin. Shinin La Luna Glowin. Shinin C-Rayz Walz: Maan (Dutch for Moon) Maan you Full of it...... You can't make me do shit... I control my emotions Where The Wild Things Live Centrifugal forces I take what you give You Shape what i Shift This is how it happens When I'm out My Wherabouts a near and far Cats act funny till i B Siruis Like a Dogon Star I nightlight for the jungle where it's pumas riffing look at my clock nonstop rock Lunarticken In the LapTop of Luxury....smash the outtaspace bar! Turn the slugs To Silver Dollar pancakes I ate yall. You would prolly think of me as something slashin Runnin thru the wood with a name like sebastian The orb is just A Nightlight for the Bats and The Owl's Who shine like nickel plated gats Clapped in the crowds If I don't flood ya pad now I'll get you player when it's dark out I'll still shine 28 days later I coincide with the tides and currents so in the middle of the harvest It's no surprise I flourish I'm the glide on the thighs of thighs that nourish the vibes of the You Used to live in the earth Till the mad scientist burst But that's a small thing to bling for the giants who cursed Some even accussed of me of moonlighting as the sandman And felt the Earth pull thru/ For a one NightStand And that's when I realized it was june And I lay naked Howling At ............ The bright moon is the shepherdess
OWL PELLETS owls scoop prey in they jowels bones and fur stay in the gullet meat goes to the bowels comes out like a bullet after six hours tow times per day once at the hunting ground once at the day roost pick past the fur and see the prey they juiced: mice voles shrews hares skunks moles who cares (me) muskrat mink weasels birds housecats snakes frogs word What was once swallowed whole is now called a bolus skeletons perfect preserved mouse for dinner mole for dessert look there's wildfowl hear its stomach growl? he'll eat a rat neat, after that upchuck fur and bone then back on the prowl bring your headlamp leave home your trowels owl pellets now we'll yell it: "OWL PELLETS!"
ALLAHU AKBAR well well well Countless styles to rip on 12000 miles of trip Tobe take the wheel and wheels of steel Some nights just don't feel for real Printed page took a beating Not a staged reading Staved off the ancients It's young age that's fleeting Peel off paper, still same cannery's cans Clamoring fans, cameras in hand, like I got mammary glands Bless the mic til it genuflect If whole crowd got hands up, then you wrecked Another day, another tore down tabernacle Bout to go pop, oh snap and king sized krackel Can't see me like a rock in tall grass Millennium records are all ass I sign LPs tickets titties and hall passes Wanna trace it as a tattoo? fine You're a piece of work but you're not mine Face it I'm the truth Old ladies waste their lives then say, "Youth is wasted on the youth" and, "I should have your hair" Why? So I look like you? All day at the salon just to turn out blue like the toilet? Are you annoyed yet? King me crown for down with vets pound for poids net FLAVOR You can taste it on the tongue It's old folks' problems that's wasted on the young Which came first? the chicken or egg? Man made god. Ain't that a kick in the head? Allahu akbar Paul the new rock star CASUAL-T Teens loom between the stage and the green room Girlfriend recommendin askin him out For a first date maybe the asstomouth casting couch Get down in the booth and pretend it's a crowd where a futon's soundproofin No such thing as a bit part except for the chicken that hit the spit guard Don't get me started Flattered when carded Happier when retarded and I'm in hot pursuit Got the boot from granny when not as cute Take more shorts than a panty raid A born rhymer can't be made Emulsion got a green tint You should see pregnant women try to screen print I don't deal in headshots unless they're suppressed photos of dead tots MCs caught unawares thought shine I got was some of theirs Put your ones in the airs Not guns or funds, put up your pointer fingers Even joiners, ringers from the Feds for the phrase-coiner/singer I'll make the headliner go, "I can go on after that" Laugh at rap Okay's not good, it's half as wack I'm a hermit crab in that I'll make your open mind my habitat Depression F's up your appestat All you in the back Call on you to react If you can't find the front let me draw you a map For all those who order sparkling water, your world is darkening, prepare for mass slaughter Was once a perky dude At worst was rude Work in the nude Will merk for food Case the joint Every face on coins bent backs way past their breaking point Write rhymes on a marriage license Rock France with laryngitis and no DJ F what he say in Montreal they put raunchy Paul on replay The M C P A U L you thought you knew well gets better every record in case you can't tell Born alone, die alone, adopt, stop ribosome work for a jerk, get ahead and provide a home Back off before I tear track off reels and rhyme skin black off I'm in a state of grace A great many days ago he says, "He's tellin the truth, he kept a straight face" THINK FOR YOURSELF Some people lie and truth-tellers are wrong I hand-spun the propeller and took off in this song YAWN It's too long to be honest I make my top one list Like US dominance I'm gone
LOSING A PUPPY Despair seeps up a flooded home My once full heart a gutted dome At dusk my eye dissects the grains Old men walk by on canes who as boys ignored pains of sprains He suckled my teet, I buckled his feet They say I'll be happy if I move to the farm Losing a puppy is like losing an arm Dig for my own bloodied bone but find only mudded stone In anothy world, my clone studies how her puppy'd grown She can hear him screaming when he breaks his leg skiing "Hurts me as much as you," I tell him Losing a puppy is like losing a limb
GET ALONG SONG You're invited! Mogo, Mayfield, Hatch, Domino and Reagan unite to catch a common foe. It don't matter who said the wrong thang. We all get along. We're the Get Along Gang! Hang with the gang the Get Along Gang! Get loose in the caboose the Get Along Gang! Chill with the skilled the Get Along Gang! Relax then act the Get Along Gang! RSVP in forest city for down home loyalty in a brownstone sequoyah tree It's a joy to be a member where it's safe to lose your temper Even then we're listenin' You're a valued participant Diss and break up then kiss and make up Shake hands, I insist Athletes scientists make art with our hearts Get up, be a part of the brand new start of the Get Along Gang! Hang with the gang the Get Along Gang! Get loose in the caboose the Get Along Gang! Chill with the skilled the Get Along Gang! Relax then act the Get Along Gang! Bounce with the town the Get Along Gang! Get loose with the moose the Get Along Gang! Glam with the lamb the Get Along Gang! Research with the beaver the Get Along Gang! {dialogue with child} Adventures from the earth core to the North Pole Break down barriers like the fourth wall Kick a pinecone, whistle then whistle more You got an invite from Mrs. Bristlemore A boy who's mad at you shares the same attribute He may shout and yell ‘cause he hates part of himself How can he be aware of what he’s not aware of? We spread light like a headlight when we share love and the benefit of the doubt See how the end of it come out You can be headstrong, dead wrong, still get along and instead of sang, I said a song for you, the brand new Get Along Gang! Hang with the gang the Get Along Gang! Get loose in the caboose the Get Along Gang! Chill with the skilled the Get Along Gang! Relax then act the Get Along Gang! React with the cat the Get Along Gang! Go agog with the dog the Get Along Gang! Mix with M6 the Get Along Gang! the Get Along Gang the Get Along Gang! Hang with the gang the Get Along Gang! Get loose in the caboose the Get Along Gang! Chill with the skilled the Get Along Gang! Relax then act the Get Along Gang! Hang with the gang the Get Along Gang! Get loose in the caboose the Get Along Gang! Chill with the skilled the Get Along Gang! the Get Along Gang the Get Along Gang!
LIDGEON L'chaim! I am in love with rhymin If I knew only folk like me, it'd be *snocch-wheeew* I wanna talk to you not just a New Yok Jew If you stay isolated, you won't get the right advice to make it Melting Pot is fondue Kosher? No sir. I'll eat meat with dairy like I eat up this beat I wrote this rhyme on a library receipt with dollars and sense, tolerance and all our friends hollerin, "Aaw Yeah!" "Delicious! I want seconds!" Pass a heaping hot helping of arrogance-deflating Great American Melting Pot is missing a secret ingredient We eliminated a flavor to keep it expedient Estimates approximate 60 million megaloss Decacost repeating it Social studies was written by club members who went postal on their buddies Money without knowledge is the worst Muddy earth must be shared with those who were there first Prayer works-- One of religion's rare perks, ya scared jerks! re:LIDGEON faces basic questions of life and death that siphons breath. Who am I? Who will dry my tear? What happens when I die? Why'm I here? (In my case, to rhyme, my dear) Is time a line or sphere? How survive a winter? and keep alive our kinder? Customs supply a center but can get trapped and strange We, like LIDGEON must act our age, adapt to change Doctor can hurt the patient Gotcha open like to interpretation of meanin Tension exists within religions an tween'em With teendom hope springs anew, they thinks it’s true Hijinx ensue, clink, this drink’s to you PEACE. Got things to do
BACK ON A WHITE HORSE My Intellect Reaps Rewinds On Repeat More Introspection Refined Remind Or Retreat Crazy Lyrics. Every Verse Every Rhyme Classic Lines. Emotions Vanquish English Redesigned People's Easy Answers Cause evil Paris Eiffel As Colossal Easel Again Nature's Gifts Earn Respect After Neighbors Grift, Each Reflect Under Rulers' Buildings And Neglect Ulcer Repulser Bankruptcy And Necropsy Love In Family's Eyes Light Inner Fire's Energy Born Enduring Foreign Objects' Roaring Embers Baby Enters Family Of Retarded Elders Adolescents Race The Early Riser Adults Fear Teenagers, Eagerly Retire Rhymes Appear, Paint Pictures Of Reality Themselves Responsive Audience Pronounces, 'Perfect;' Orders, 'Run Tell' Manifest A Skill Til Evident Revolution Miracles Are Spherical, Turn Elegant Resolution Astronomical Lyrical Wherewithal Awakens Your Senses Across Length Width Additional Year Sentences Nature Employs Violence, Eventually Relents Nurture Enjoys Vengeance, Eternally Repents
SCIENCE they commit major perjury when they say laser surgery won't hurt the eyelid nor iris on pilots SCIENCE register at a bank so you don't have to thank wedding guests for a worthless appliance SCIENCE troubled band nerds meet double standards when told they can't but old men can use violence SCIENCE they say foreskins cause cancer and then transfer white bleachsticks all up inside their vaginas SCIENCE T MY H rhymes are peo ple. O THEY E LECT U me to REP. G EACH PART i H ci ple se lects T ME B WITH pep and care A and THE L ger UNDS give trip L le RE spect. to O GE THER WE O CRE ATE A N RIP ple M EF FECT. U we might EV S en get your H nip ple e rect. R it's SIM ple O AS HECK. THEY'RE O THE CREME DE M LA CREME, C TEN out OF ten. L and THEY'LL vote me O IN A GAIN U and a GAIN. DE trit us inside us unites as AAAH tinnitus is much too loud thought balloon mushroom cloud rings stalk stem in patterns of pressure waves fresher flaves higher tall fireball leaving lobes sunburned unlearned and left back dumb it down? F that! From a distance it looks like I'm wearing a chef hat I'm from eight miles of books, outside if you look, the stairs got a pair of stone lions SCIENCE It's a Faustian thing. An Austrian king was the first to engage with a diamond SCIENCE What Caldeans called Tammuz, Syrians call Giant, Egyptians - Sahu and Greeks call Orion Make your own constellation strips and rules for relationships or they may come for you next time you hear sirens
HOT GUACAMOLE MCPB: I'm old school This mic is my pro tool I'm three apples high and live in a toadstool like a Smurf Everyone at birth is given X-ray spex but they underuse em to undress the opposite sex Holy guacamole Let's get this rap cash cause art right now is on some slapdash claptrap crap trash Leave me here, save yourself DOOM: Okay, pass me your wallet I'll send help Now who drank the last brew They turned off my cell again The bill was way past due Gosh, tell a friend but don't let em gas you It's all just hogwash Now back to the castle MCPB: Where's that? DOOM: Parts unknown and when I'm home the seeds throw darts at the throne No tart taste to the hoecakes, no jakes and first place in the go-cart race goes to MCPB: NO BRAKES Teach peace to the babies We're all the same DOOM: at least for the hoes' sake MCPB: stepped on an undisclosed rake DOOM: and catch a nose-ache MCPB: yodelayhee-who wants to my protege? "Me!" "Me too!" So parrot back it i'm underline carrot bracket greater than or equal to but greater than four stars greater than straight A report cards greater than poor sports in divorce courts or sports bars DOOM: so what's your mission? MCPB: making thunder-shaking blunders in this epic undertaking on a fun-filled run until one mill DOOM: Dun, chill. It's not all about the dollar bill. You can be dead broke and be a scholar still. MCPB: That's true. What question should i ask you? DOOM: "What type of ill type tricks do the mask do?" MCPB: Okay, what type of ill type ill tricks do the mask do? DOOM: Faceplate removes and gives chicks tattoo! MCPB: But then they can see your face! DOOM: Nah, I have em look the other way I just caught a case of the same shit the other day In Grady's truck was where I first got lucky in the eighties now I make the ladies say yucky like Sandra MCPB: Bullocks, that milk moustache is ballsnot DOOM: on your baldspot MCPB: Now that's what I call hot!
48 LAWS OF POWER, LAWS 1 - 24 I been in the game for years it made me an animole from honor role on a roll to just pawn to go on the whole Not a fan of the scam since the sonogram but then Monihan said, "Man, you gotta scan the 48 Laws of Power May cause deflowerin of your innocence, in a sense teach how to devour 1 never outshine the master even if cleverer or faster you'll never get too far if you reveal the true star you are because it must offend a hierarchy's discrepancies 2 never put too much trust in friends learn how to use enemies or spawn your mate's yawnin jaws of ingratitude. thata dude! 48 laws and platitudes! envy, ire and friendly fire hire the enemy my music makes ten 'a me 3 conceal your intentions if they've no clue what you're up to can't throw a wrench in the engine guide them down the wrong path make them do the long math 4 always say less than necessary what you express can bury. spare the anecdote and a quote or risk a stigma stay an enigma quiet as kept 5 rep rep reputation is power's cornerstone condone scorn and mourn alone you're born a clone 6 so court attention at all cost if people don't talk smack then you're a small boss fall across the limelight and even when i'm wrong i'm right why fight? 7 let others work for you and take the credit don't forget, you're the big dick he's just the head of the clit 8 Get it the same as the W and Let the game come to you Use bait. Get a new fate before it's too late. 9 Who's next?: Khrushchev denounced Stalin's atrocities before hundreds of men. "You were a colleague of Stalin's. Why didn't you stop him then?" "WHO SAID THAT?...........................................Now you know why..." a breath battle's a death rattle words are weak, cause ill will results speak, instill skill step off the seesaw let the man free fall this is not what they teach in prelaw 10 avoid the sad sack with bad luck he carries a high risk virus that stuck hang with the fortunate go towards the light with the torch in it 11 keep people dependent to extend an ended friendship 12 honesty works as an impassioned distraction it's a blunt tool like the sheath the scalpel is wrapped in stow your force use a trojan horse to open doors 13 appeal to a need to implement a deed mutual benefit's different from greed begging for mercy will just make him thirsty and gratitude is an attitude leaders love to be freed from 14 pose as a friend, work as a spy he disclose what he knows, the surface a lie ask indirect questions to collect their intentions. Arthur Schoepenhaur authored art for open power: If you think you're being deceived, act as if you believe This will give the speaker courage to continue and betray what's up his sleeve. If you perceive he only halfway conceals, express doubt. the man will reveal his reserve and let the truth out 15 Crush your enemy totally Mush him like roadkill. He won't be able to heal and avenge the violated He'll only stay silent if he's iron-plated annihilated 16 Absence makes the heart grow fonder Overstayed your welcome, go yonder No sponsor? 17 Create value through scarcity When you remove a product, It is rarer, or appears to be 18 Bobby Fischer acted spazzily with Boris Spasky and served his ass for free. That's the key. Put the psych in cyclone like I hype my mic-phone Isolation is nothing to write home about You can't avoid pain. Conspiracies spring up like mushrooms after rain 19 Don't let your enemy engender energy entropy If he can't take pokin fun that's a smokin gun to break out in a broken run from town. clown an insecure man and he'll hunt you down and some are too blunt to come around 20 Never commit to anyone 21 to make your mark feel smart, act plenty dumb. if you're a doogie howser, play a broody bouncer. 22 if you can't win, surrender that don't make you a coward. the 48 laws of power sours naivete that'll be the day you learn to devour 23 the spread thin can't win and move in a lead skin mom who can afford one son eats medicine to make a dead twin concentrate your forces to the head of a pin 24 use the flattering scam like a battering ram do dirt, make an effort to be flirtier be the perfect courtier a little birdy heard many more when we score another 24 where there's riches there's robbery n follow the scriptures of Robert Greene you'll be seen and make a lotta green or pose as a non-player and pour water through a screen. while you read the menu, we feed on sinew. 25-48, to be continued
SAMPLING LAW intellectual property don't mean you can't copy me just that you'd be sued by he who'd own the monopoly the law is the rich man's rifle let the vulgar control culture and your life'll stifle stop lyin--samplin was played and done until Brian dropped the Grey Album hiphop brings back rebellion and if we did not, people could've forgot gimme a break the biggest thief is the government (i'm) all alone naturally like gilbert o sullivan license a fragment, lawyers get back-end that should build the bands' labs land grab like a sandcrab there's no denying it media became our natural environment otherwise why are they advertising shit on floors of stores, stickers on fruit, songs, movies, even street interactions corporations want it both ways it's either natural environment or illegal harrassment now everybody's self-spun avatar always available an image to sell from "Television is a medium because it is neither rare nor well-done." rappers with deals clear better samples than kiehls but if he don't make it his that's when he steals we manipulate tracks like chuck schumer'll do with his letter w and numeral 2 the rumors are true humorous jews call suicide bombers 'baby kaboomers'. Fair use is a gate, if copywrite is a fence he who frames the debates holds greatest influence fair use is sweet like pear juice it has to be a parody to lawfully have valid re ason and contain a critique or you'll get sued till next week appropriated work is the target don't be a hard head sampling law it's what the fans is clamoring faw appropriate in good faith recreate like a wood lathe get spins infringe on copywrite might not be right select a fragment or get burned by a fag-end you went the wrong route you played the song out media will be ya natural environment till i'm a grampling pa and that's my first draft rhyme about SAMPLING LAW
CIRCUMCISION Hypocritical oaf Defy the Hippocratical Oath? Male? Female circumcision? I'm a critic of both. All yall so called followers of God I'll accuse Think you should see heaven should see jail for child abuse. So medieval - unquestioned by normally intelligent people circumcision Looks in a locker room's reason for decison? circumcision Don't want to disgust his future women? Shame on you Not all women feel the same as you circumcsion Where would be without tradition? Utopia. I'm hopin ya reconsider. You'd draw a baby's blood, won't leave without a babysitter. I can predict the responses of a selected collective unconscious. Man, woman, old, young, unhold the tongue that stayed mainly mum You're more scared of smegma than depleted uranium! On the daily snip new patients Why not 'MALE Genital Mutilation'? Cause the genitals aren't identical? Why are clitoridectomies more animal? Who says you're more civilized? Swivel your eyes to the mirror, see clearer you live a lie of privileged drivel. Let's compromise - punch him in the face with a truncheon or mace when he's born. Just a taste of tough love Something his phallus-mini and Palestinians can't get enough of. Your emotions are chemicals Your heart is just ventricles and atrii. Some traditions such as circumcision make me die. And what's this lil JAP's shell gone worth? Aww, he's got his mom's eys. his dad's mutilated genitalia. Late capitalism's hell on earth. iIm not noncommittal bout the natural laws it mocks. Keep my little black book in a safety deposit box. Her middle back shook to count bass d because it rocks. Circumcision's pointless black, blue or orthodox. So son can't recall your first act of butchery mazel tov FORESKIN (I’m) a foreskin hated more than abortion Nobody loves me. They think I’m ugly (I’m) keeping the glans clean My very first day of life and you hack me off like I’m gangrene (I’m) more despondent than a foreign correspondent Men would live more sensitive if you left me on it (I’m) god’s gift to women. He gotta go slow with me, leave her totally grinnin (I’m) constantly changing Bring pain if you search for the same thing (I’m) vital like breast milk Mess with your own ilk and it’s no stretch to kill others (I’m) a baby And I may grow up to hate you for what you ain’t gave me (I’m) here to stay when you get over your egos Wherever you chuck me, that’s where a tree grows
AIDS AIDS makes people fraid to get laid Let's trade knowledge and make that shit fade It's transmitted in semen and blood You can't git it from a kiss or a hug It's bugged that we're teamless unlike extremists HIV via intravenous or anus to penis Where you might shit, it's a tight fit Break blood vessels no light hit Sexual revolution, eventual confusion. No tests then for preventable pollution of T-cells, rebels, bleed, heed well to stay protected No matter who's elected, it's still the same If Europe were infected, we'd drop pills from planes Big pharm pimped em but it may be impossible to do more than suppress a symptom They paid for a race war instead of an AIDS cure ///If you become positive, your life's not over but it's mega-sober. You'll need health insurance that won't expire like Cobra. Child soldier, longterm nonprogressor You can ask the State for help before taking desperate measure Case manager can find you gratis lawyer if boss disclose your status and notify partners be they on a ballcourt or at Radcliffe. Sport suits for court dates Support groups ease weight of discipline it takes to stick to the regimen Every skipped session helps to let it in and mutate. Curse fate and cute date Keep hope alive. It's never too late. Magic Johnson may die of old age Tragic loss inside cries in cold rage/// How friends and fam react sets the tone some are disowned, thrown out the home everyone deserves love, never left alone You can't get AIDS from shared silverware There's no need to spray toilet seat with aer- osol, wherewithal, please. You can't get AIDS from a cough, sneeze, even if someone bleeds it would have to be directly into a fresh wound with flesh ruined or unprotected sex. Half a million people don't know they're infected in the U.S. They're more dangerous than those who came up positive in tests. So please tell the next kid, go get tested. A problem won't go away unless we address it.
GET HELP What do you do if those who claim to adore you ignore you and act bored too? GET HELP What if your elders supply food clothing and shelter but it's in a locked cellar? GET HELP Advocate for yourself. Stop walkin on eggshells and take your life back LIKE THAT GET HELP Run to Temple Beth-El. See if your guidance counselor is as good as she sells. GET HELP What if you try to get help and nobody helps? GET HELP Get help if it's the last thing you do. The past sings the blues. I'm asking you to GET HELP Stay determined. The vermin that undermined your mind's a person. And just when you think it's really the worst, the person to help's the millionth and first. GET HELP Inside a mental ill lies a gentle still that says, 'It'll all be all right,' though you don't know when it will. What if you hear tell your friend's life is sheer hell and everyone else steers clear, well GET HELP Where it smells there's $#!+. Yell it at the Church of Latterday Saints. It don't matter if they faint! GET HELP The emotional overflow just goes to show you needed to get help a long time ago. Consult a psychiatrist or psychologist. Try all of this or find a social worker. Child abuse is close to murder and if it rings true for you then look no further. There's violent, verbal, mental and incestuous and it's as serious as you says it is. Take an event and write how you wish it went. If you're gross broke or net wealth GET HELP If it was once with a belt or it's coming up again tonight at twelve GET HELP GET HELP
DRUG CASUAL-T Survivor: You're a drug casualty you bugged gradually change like the charge on annual fee You're a drug casualty and I'm mad at the tragedy Family -- that could be me It could have been but it's not How bout some pot of coffee get up off me just like i'm hot stay off the crackpipe and learn how to act right your mind distorts things like a blacklight said you'd take a bullet for me? you took one for yourself health is wealth, ten at the latest then show up at twelve? why shouldn't I yell? Ratatat tat little brat that never been madded at your head's a good place for lint i said it. press print plus i heard you own half of sprint squint and ask for a hint? I'd rather a joke oh i know, how bout the one where you stood up your folks and their plans fell through and they called me crying and asked me not to tell you how do i respond? you say there's something in the mail then ask what i want (money) nothing you say is true dayanu each email on my desktop doorstep is a bag of flamin poo so what's your design? give me so much shit for missing your sister's wedding and then you miss mine this isn't a diss rhyme here's mud in your eye how's lucy in the sky? is she your best friend when your shoes are untied? last summer was a bummer you put a roof over my head but never said i was comin! grow a spine be a man read the line in my hand we're still friends in the end i'm bein as kind as i can grey hair daycare, that's what your headed towards i suggest you cut your umbilical credit cords Victim: Paul dude every time I call you you just shoot me down like poopy brown groove to my sound, okay? friends let friends live if you're gonna dig in like that, you've got to be more sensitive you've never strolled in my shoes you got no clue what i go through then pick a fight? F U! I think you need help take a hit on this L and Czech yourself like Valclav Havel you couldn't Handel your high now you proceltyze to a guy? I coulda sworn you're a friend now you're like a born again christian i feel sorry for you dude. listen what's next, you gonna ask me to pray i never judge you this parlay ruined my day forgiveness the real F word so give me an A for the effort I exert you fucker paul to make a spectacle song and put up a wall? Your ego is out of control your soul's a black whole bro, how low can you go?
ASK YOUR MAMA Rev Love Evolver: I'm trying to think of something nice to say about this bad brother put on ice today He sure was sure of himself but he threw all my good advice away He thought there may be only one god he thought stadiums brought jobs he thought bums failed to follow the crumb trail and thought of females as a series of thumbnails he thought people was different on accout of color the only person crying's his brother White Culture Own up, he wasn't no grown-up No love. he died alone, yup he was Defoe like Willem and when he 'proached my chirren that's when I had to kill em he stepped to my baby and he asked me, "What's the big deal?" For real, I shot him in Gee Dash Deez Nuts I gave him up like adoption His bottom had topspin Human auction's been an option since the Truman Doctrine (loud pounds on the massive wooden double doors) Rev Love Evolver: What's going on outside this here church? What I just heard makes me freeze in my tracks with knees bent backs but know what? It's all of our beeswax White Culture, I know you called Five Oh You just bought a ticket to a front row live show I'm going to send you to your room for real You'll be my human shield But before they make all of us celebrate Christmas I guarantee we'll take some of them with us ... Let's go Israel: Israel will put you in a box like a Disney Kidsmeal for throwing rocks across the border (hurrican fence) import orthodox voters to restore order (Americane planes) Read to understand The Old Testament's the deed to the land Resist and then bleed in the sand Murder ain't controvercial till it turns to erotica The Star of David takes six lines and so does the Swastika Rev Love Evolver: All walls in the world fall Surround around and second flood? all yall drown you came full circle like the lip of the grail you're the snake i bit on the tip of my tail
Divorce 03:41
DIVORCE No justice, no peace The justice of the peace is a bad guy The priest is a beast And I don’t know a rabbi Bachelor parties are corny If you’re horny for whores now, Where will you be when you’re forty? “Oooh, who’s gonna catch the bouquet?” You can’t ban gay marriage Marriage is gay Natural borders be mountains and rivers Science is orderly Way off the chaos of a moral authority The oral majority is legions of orcs teasin the dorks The whole concept of cool is like leavin New York The key’s in the door ‘White trash’ is a spork Or a cheap way of dividing the poor like divorce Divorce When you legally separate Of course Repeat defeat with second mate You can leave a place Turn your back Forfeit But if you don’t check your pace That distance is an orbit Since you din’t solve Now you revolve It’s the call’ve the childhood out in the wildwood An impermanent stay only did mild good Why would you suggest my girl be a street whore? You tried your best but where’ve I heard this before? Oh, you both said it cause you’re the same I came to reclaim the name from the lame and bartender So before I tie a knot on a car fender, remember You fought for the couch and every coin it had pouched And talked more troush than Oscar the Grouch I’m speakin to you Put down the Week in Review For once you’ll listen You sleep in a shoe So secluded you wake from a dove peep n a coo Taught to drop Pops like he’s hot, not a lot we can do What me wordy? I’m suddenly thirty And acting fifteen is starting to hurt me Divorce is due course if you look for love from outside sources or the sequel’s weak-willed and turns cheek like Ezekiel Forget the white dress, I want you wearing plants And I’ll wear skins from animals I killed with my hands A woman and a man with a plan to stay strong A grown-hop song we can rock all day long A husband and wife team can lose, still choose to go for ice cream We might seem poor but life free of war or divorce? A pipe dream. Light streams in through Venetian blinds And stripes behinds even in evenin time T’nee lee neesheeka, release the bra and kcuf around ME is WE upside down The beat be raw, I love the sound
IT CAN ALL BE TAKEN AWAY "I buried my daughters and wife with these hands after our house was bombed," said the wartorn man I guess I'd do the same if I'm unlucky enough to get the chance Teardrops fall off my face and stain and wet my pants N'awlins, N.O., like the say, "No doi" Ballzack, please go get us two crawfish and two oyster poe boys Oh joy, it would stink if'n my city fell in the drink and we die but when it happens, it happens in the blink of an eye //if your brilliance don't blind em use your bullshit to confuse em illusion of permancece is just middle class delusion/// No one sits around glad they're not blind but maybe should You can find genius and tragedy in every naybehood God enjoyed the schadenfreude. "Is He makin me pay?" At any time at all, it can all be taken away Tender clutch sense of touch smell taste sight hearing When you lose a leg, it's not like you lost an earring Five sense live tenses loved ones no sound Gossip and negligence can drown a hometown We can go barfing and barking at our king but power can be taken at any tijme like no parking What seems permanent is really temporary that's why a memory doesn't never scare me just kidding, the past, it haunts me like a ghost but preproduction's over and we fix it all in post the only roast i wasnt from friars is barbecue breaking up is easy. it's growin up that's hard to do it's unpleasant to think the future will be worse than the present but at least you enjoy the moment and stop and think for a second it's gettin a little late in the day for fate to convey it can all be taken away


An hour of hot power of thought


released November 22, 2009


all rights reserved



MC Paul Barman New York, New York

rest assured, the crested bird of nested words

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